Mickey Sheehan

Wheelchair-bound former pugilist of Boulder Ashwood Abbey


Born Michael Gerald Sheehan of Ken Caryl, Colorado, Mickey was once the most notorious and brutal fighter of the underground fighting circuit in the mid to late 1990s. Relentless when it came to his fights, Michael soon earned the admiration of an Ashwood Abbey franchise in Denver and after joining the thrill of the Vigil, earned a hard-won reputation as a savage physical punisher of supernaturals.

All that ended in 2001 when, in a foolhardy act of recklessness, Mickey attacked a particularly old vampire and was tossed off of a cliffside, nearly to his death. Survival from that accident was one thing. But becoming a paraplegic, that was a hell he only endured with blind rage.

He has taken it upon himself to train up Flynn into the world of the Vigil… to fight harder, stronger and smarter than he did at the same age.

Mickey Sheehan

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