A Lucifuge gunslinger from the 1800s, given long life by his demon blood.


Character Quotes:

  • “It’s not that I don’t know how. It’s just that I don’t give a shit.”
  • (while trying to saw off a vampire’s head) “You’re a feisty one.”

Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Pride
Profession: Unsure…
Compact/ Conspiracy: Lucifuge (Status 3)

Health: 6
Willpower: 6
Morality: 7
Size: 5
Speed: 12
Defense: 3
Initiative Mod: 8


Intel 2 | Wits 3 | Resolve 2
Strength 3 | Dex 4 | Stamina 1
Presence 1 | Manipulation 1 | Composure 4


Investigation 3 | Occult 4
Athletics 1 | Firearms 5 (specialty: Colt Frontier Six Shooter)| Weapon Specialty: Knife (bonus from Lucifuge) |
Intimidation 3 | Subterfuge 1

  • Combat Marksman 2 [Armory, pg.210]
  • Castigation 2 (Hellfire – 1L) (Family Vestment – C&C pg.70)
  • Quick Draw 1 [WoD pg. 113]
  • Ambidextrous [WoD pg. 110]
  • Resources (bonus from Lucifuge status) 2

Deformity (Branding all over body)


Homeless but independently wealthy

  • Colt Single Action Army | Damage 3L | Size 1/J | Range 20/40(-2 penalty)/80(-4 penalty) | Capacity 6 | Strength 2 | Cost $1000

Elijah Creech was abandoned at Fort Atkinson, Nebraska, in 1826 when he was only a few months old. He was adopted by Captain Solomon Creech, of the Sixth Infantry Regiment. Solomon was ill equipped to deal with a child, so he hired a wet-nurse to look after Elijah.
In 1827 Fort Atkinson was abandoned. Solomon was discharged from the Sixth Infantry and he and Elijah headed east, intending to return to Solomon’s wife in Missouri. Before they’d gone far though, Solomon got word that she’d died of the fever. He was devastated. They spent the next few years wandering the wilderness together. Solomon had been a marksman and he started teaching Elijah how to shoot and how to survive off the land. It was, at this time, that Elijah started to see the Red Lady.
She was a fiery shape, half woman and half shadow, her eyes slanted and orange. The first time he saw her, he was walking alone along an arroyo. He suddenly had the premonition that something malevolent was watching him. He spun around and glimpsed a pair of fiery orange eyes, peering out at him from the gloom along the canyon wall. They winked out immediately. From that moment on, he knew she was never far. He dreamt about those eyes almost every night, sometimes he’d catch their glimmer out of the corner of his eye, sometimes he’d round some dreamscape corner and come face to face with them. He told himself it was just his imagination and tried to keep them out of his mind.
Eventually, in 1834, Solomon and Elijah ended up in Liberty, Texas. Solomon hired a Catholic priest, by the name of Father Carillo, to teach Elijah his letters. They lived somewhat quietly for a few years. Elijah continued to see the eyes, but kept it to himself.
Then the Texas Revolution began. Solomon joined up with the Liberty Volunteers and left Elijah in the care of Father Carillo. He never came back and Elijah never did find out what happened to him. Elijah was despondent, and as his depression grew strange things started happening. Animals began to scream and panic when he walked past them. His dreams intensified; it was no longer just eyes that he saw, now the Red Lady—a shifting flame in woman shape—would appear to him. She wouldn’t say a word; just follow him with her burning eyes.
It didn’t end there though. One night a bible he was reading mysteriously burst into flames, another time he awoke in his room covered in chicken blood. After that Father Carillo got worried. He told Elijah that there was something evil living inside him, that he needed an exorcism. However, with the revolution in full swing, no exorcists would make the trip to Liberty. Instead of an exorcism, Father Carillo gave Elijah a rosary and an effigy of the Holy Virgin and told him not to leave the church grounds. For his part, Elijah began to fear that he was, in fact, evil. One night, after a particularly vivid dream encounter with the Red Lady, Elijah heated a crucifix up and branded himself across the upper arm. The blackened skin felt appropriate to him and he hoped the holy symbol would keep his inner demons at bay.
For a while it seemed to work. The dreams and strange occurrences subsided. The revolution ended, Texas became a free state and then joined the union. With peace returning to the land, Father Carillo was able to find an exorcist to come and see Elijah. The exorcism went smoothly and Elijah was proclaimed healed.
Elijah dove into his marksmanship and finished the meager education that Father Carillo provided. Then, after some time, the Mexican-American war started. Elijah enlisted immediately. He was eager to follow in Solomon’s footsteps. He was a crack shot but was also impulsive, headstrong and proud. He didn’t take orders well and as a result never did well as an Infantry Man.
In 1846 Elijah was part of an American scouting expedition (commanded by Captain Seth Thornton) that stumbled across the Mexican Army as it prepared to assault Fort Texas. During the resulting firefight Elijah killed five men before being shot in the abdomen. He was captured and taken to a Mexican supply camp. Although his wound wasn’t mortal, it became infected and he got very sick. During his captivity, Elijah began to see the Red Lady again. At first she appeared in his fever dreams, whispering to him of murder and destruction. Then he began to see her in his waking moments as well. She sat by him, whispering of death and fire in some devilish language.
Then one night, without warning, the ropes around Elijah’s hands burst into flame. He lifted his hands, convinced he was dreaming, only to see hellfire dripping from his fingertips. His tent caught fire and then leapt to the next tent. Chaos descended. Somehow, miraculously, Elijah staggered out of the camp unnoticed. He wandered north into the Texas wilderness, half crazed, and still sick. Eventually he stumbled across a river and, as he bent to drink, he saw that his eyes had changed. They had become orange and fiery—the same eyes that had haunted his dreams for so long. In that instant he became convinced that he was a demon—the mortal consort of the Red Lady. He swore that he would never return to civilization. He lived by the river for a few years, recovering his strength, and living like an animal. It wasn’t enough though. Eventually, he turned to banditry, and began holding up stagecoaches and supply wagons. He soon discovered that his new fiery eyes could track movement far more accurately than his old human eyes could. This only augmented his already formidable skill with a revolver. He developed a fearsome reputation as a heartless outlaw and gunslinger.
In the following years Elijah rampaged around Texas, killing who he wanted, and taking anything he needed. People called him the Red Devil, due to his fiery eyes and his ruthlessness.
Then, in 1859, a man walked into his camp. This man’s name was Ignacio de Cadiz; he was a finely dressed older Spaniard who looked completely and utterly out of place in the middle of the desert. After some formalities (where each threatened to shoot the other), Ignacio told Elijah that he had the blood of a demon in his veins. Elijah laughed and gestured to his eyes and replied, “I am a demon.”
Ignacio just smiled back. Then he spoke about the Lucifuge, a secret society based in Milan to which he belonged. Ignacio explained that he and Elijah had demon blood in their veins, that they were the children of Lucifer, but that there was still the chance of redemption.
“We were born into darkness, you and I,” said Ignacio. “but if you come with me, I will show you how to control it. There is good to be done, wrongs to be righted, and who better to do this work then we who are cursed by the blood of the beast?”
Elijah initially refused. Then later, he tracked Ignacio back to the hotel where he was staying in Liberty. He told him that he would come with him, that he wanted to know how to control himself.
That night Elijah bought a crucifix and heated it until it was burning hot. He branded himself again, as he’d done so many years before while under the tutelage of Father Carillo. He liked that the scar made his external form as hideous as he knew his insides were, it also felt like a small victory over the Red Lady and as a re-assertion of his new purpose.
The Civil War broke out. Ignacio and Elijah went to Colorado to avoid the fighting. Ignacio taught Elijah about the occult and the various monsters that lived just behind the veil from normal life. When the war ended, in 1865, Ignacio brought Elijah to Milan.

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – -

Elijah came back from Milan in 1865. He had made a fortune in his days as an outlaw and used that money to buy his way into the mining business. He started a silver mine on Colorado’s west slope. Realizing that he’d been Elijah Creech for a long time, he took to calling himself Ezra Williams. His first company, Williams Company Silver and Coal, was titled to this pseudonym. Elijah struck it rich and, by the early 1900s, owned a dozen silver mines all across the state of Colorado. Elijah moved back to Denver, where he set about living the life of a silver baron. He diversified his operations, buying two mines in South America (he and Ignacio had spent a short amount of time there, previous to his return to America).

Then, in 1905,he met a silver-tongued man named Nathanial Dewar. Nathanial was werewolf who owned the Argentum Corporation. Elijah and Nathaniel despised each other. The Argentum Corporation made a bid to buy Williams Company, but Elijah wouldn’t sell (certainly not to a werewolf!). So then Nathanial set about ruining Elijah. Some of his silver mines mysteriously collapsed, some had fires break out in them, still others began to see miners mysteriously vanish in the tunnels.

Eventually, Elijah snapped. He marched into an upscale club that he and Nathanial both frequented and, in broad daylight, shot Nathanial several times with silver bullets. Nathanial was injured (he lost half his left ear to one of the bullets, a scar that he bears to this day) but survived. Elijah was arrested and tried for attempted murder. Fortunately for Elijah, Ignacio hired an excellent lawyer, who eventually got Ellijah sentenced to a few years in jail.

When Elijah was released, in 1916, he found that the Argentum Corporation had bought The Williams Company Silver and Coal out from under him, and that his good name had been soiled. Most of his riches were gone (although he still had his South American Mines). He went back to wondering the wilderness and fighting the forces of darkness (especially werewolves) wherever he found them. This carried him all the way into the mid-twenties, when he returned to Italy for a second time. He and Ignacio spent some time in Southern Europe (which was still reeling from World War I).

In the early 1930s he returned to America and spent some time with Ignacio in, and around, New York. Never one for extended stays in civilization though, he and Ignacio eventually traveled west again. This time they went as far as California, before returning to Texas.

When World War II broke out, Ignacio returned to Europe. Elijah considered joining up—but decided he had more important things to do. Besides, he hadn’t liked being a soldier in 1884 and figured that he’d only despise it more now. So he once again plunged into the wilderness to hunt werewolves. He amused himself by trying to track down Nathaniel, but couldn’t figure out any good ways to get close to him without getting arrested again.

Eventually, with the advance of computers silver began to boom. Elijah still had the two silver mines in South America (Argentina) and realized that they might actually make him a wealthy man again. In 1957 he and Ignacio met in South America and together began building up the mining operations there. Elijah, revived the pseudonym, Ezra Williams, and founded a new company, Peacemaker, Inc. After returning to America, in 1969, he began selling silver to the military. By the 1980s the silver boon was in full swing and Elijah got tired of managing his company. He offered Ignacio a job as the face of the company, which Ignacio readily accepted. This left Elijah more or less responsibility free, with a lot of money, in the 80s. He plunged into a life of unadulterated hedonism, punctuated only by monster slaying expeditions. It was at this time when he began to see the Red Lady again. At first it was in dreams, then it was whenever he used drugs or drank too much, and then sometimes even in his waking, unaltered states. He considered renouncing the Lucifuge and seeking entry into the Ashwood Abbey. Ignacio, hearing about his downward spiral came and found him and told him simply that if he renounced the Lucifue, he’d kill him. This snapped Elijah out of it a bit. He felt pretty bad about what he’d been doing with his life recently and so he decided that he’d throw himself back into the hunt. He joined a group of hunters called The Gatekeepers—they were supposed to be his penance for his hedonistic craze.

His companion hunters in the Gatekeepers were, James Washington, Calvin Potter, and Noah Sutton. Things went well for a few years, Ignacio kept his company racking in money, while he fought the good fight with his new companions. Then things started to go bad. James began to hear the voice of god, telling him to seek out the spark of life. He began to behead monsters they killed, in search of this spark which he claimed existed somewhere in their throats. Noah got scared first and left the Gatekeepers, then Calvin. Elijah didn’t mind what James was doing so much, after all he too believed that evil in all its forms should be killed—who cares if your friend is gruesomely disembroiling them. Then James began doing it to anyone who got in their way: police, people who wouldn’t give them information, and anyone at all who crossed him. Elijah finally got disturbed and parted ways with James. He went back to Ignacio disgusted. He tried fighting monsters alone, he tried diving back into drugs, sex and riches, but nothing washed away the bad taste of what he’d been doing with James.

Then, one day, he walked away from everything. He left the name Ezra Williams behind again, told Ignacio to keep the company going and to hold onto his share. He walked out of his expensive apartment and began living on the streets or in the mountains. He began to wander again and eventually built a tiny wood cabin up Sunshine Canyon. Eventually he got bored of living alone in the mountains and started spending time in the streets of Boulder. He had nothing, except his beloved colt revolver, a pre-paid cell phone (with Ignacio’s number in it), his razor sharp Lucifuge dagger, and a weather stained duster and beaten up old cowboy hat.


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