The Drag Light Chapel

donated safehouse


Safehouse (size): 3 (A warehouse, church or large home; five to eight
rooms, or large enclosure; Training space, four make-shift bedrooms in the side rectories and back offices)

Safehouse (secrecy): 2 (Some effort towards concealment; purchased through an assumed name in cash. Provides -2 penalty to attempts to find the cell)

Safehouse (cache): 1 (Hidden gun safe underneath the main altar, holds 5 size worth of goods, provides -5 on searches to find items in it. Current contents: Generic Pump-Action Shotgun (2), External hard drive (1). 2 capacity remaining.)

Safehouse (traps): 0 (The hunters haven’t bothered setting traps. Perhaps they’re afraid of setting them off themselves.)


Abandoned chapel building

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Given to the hunters by Noah Sutton in an effort to distance himself and his hospital from the group’s actions, the Drag Light Chapel is an abandoned church just outside of Boulder, near Hayden Lake and the Boulder Municipal Airport.

This chapel began as a French Gothic Revival style church, part of a convent and school named The Sacred Heart of Mary. The property was originally a private estate, and was purchased by the sisters of the Sacred Heart of Mary in 1847. Carlton Meer, a noted English Ecclesiological revival architect, designed the 35 by 45 foot building in 1849.

As the church was utilized well into the 30s, 40s and 50s, the building began to show its age in upkeep and maintenance costs. In 1972, much of the church and surrounding boarding school was moved to the newer Sacred Heart of Mary Church site on S. Boulder Road, where it remains to this day. The old church was left abandoned following the move and the complex steadily fell into disrepair.

Desert chapel buildingMost of the surrounding buildings, including classrooms, dormitories, a library, a gymnasium and passages connecting them all, were destroyed by a major fire on Jan. 31, 1979.

The buildings were demolished shortly thereafter, although much of the original stone foundations are still believed to remain underground. Strangely, the main chapel was untouched by the fire.

It was converted into an impromptu armory and safehouse for The Gatekeeper hunter cell in 1987, where it was given the nickname The Drag Light Chapel, until they disbanded in 1996. Following their disbandment, it sat unused for several years (save for squatters and bums) until Noah purchased it through his front company and assumed name in 2008.

The Drag Light Chapel

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