A tomb raider of a different sort


Character Quotes:

  • “Did you ever stop to think that maybe they’re not all bad?! That maybe they just want to be normal and to be left alone?!”
  • “You have to be ready to fight at any given time. Anybody could be a beast in Human form.”
  • “I have two guns…”

Virtue: Justice
Vice: Pride
Profession: Student
Compact/ Conspiracy: Ascending Ones (Status 1)
Concept: Budding Egyptologist

Health: 7
Willpower: 4
Morality: 7
Size: 5
Speed: 10
Defense: 2
Initiative Mod: 5
Experience: 0


Intel 3 | Wits 3 | Resolve 2
Strength 2 | Dex 2 | Stamina 3
Presence 1 | Manipulation 2 | Composure 3


Academics 4 (Egyptology) | Computer 1 | Crafts 1 | Investigation 1 | Occult 2 | Science 2 (Basic Chemistry)
Athletics 2 | Firearms 1 | Stealth 1 | Survival 1 | Weaponry 2
Animal Ken 2 | Persuasion 2

  • Conspiracy (The Ascending Ones) Status 1 (Vigil pg. 73)
  • Elixirs 1 (Vigil pg. 171) / Hunting Sight of the Asp – Night Stalkers 144
  • Encyclopedic Knowledge 3 (WoD pg. 109)
  • Language 2 (WoD pg. 109)
  • Academic 1
  • Smith & Wesson Bodyguard .38 | Damage 2 | Range 20/40/80 | Capacity 5 | Strength 1 | Size 1/(Concealable in Shirt) | Cost ••

Faoshide Michaelis comes from a long family line of hunters. Her great-grandfather on her mother’s side, Benjamin Smith, a member of Project VALKYRIE in the early 1940s, lead the Colorado Legion of Hunters against the zombie menace of 1947. Her father, Diederik, came over to America from The Netherlands when he was 23 to hunt some of the unknown monsters that had been appearing in the state of Colorado recently. He then retired from hunting in 1993 to raise his family and focus instead on his rare book business.

Fae was unfortunately raised in a very sheltered household. Her mother, Mia, a former hunter herself who was terrified her children would lead the same life, kept Fae and her older brother Oz insulated as best she could. Unfortunately this did not last long, due in large part to her father’s continued hunter connections dropping by and because of Fae’s headstrong and stubbornly curious personality. The girl had always been fearless and brazen, even at an early age.

Unfortunately the dark forces of the world attempted to shatter Fae when she was just a pre-teen. Her mother was savagely attacked and killed by a group of changelings when Fae was just 12 years old.

In the years that followed, Fae refused to let her grief consume her life and wandered from hunter compact to hunter compact, trying to find a place where she belonged. Where she might channel her anger and her emotional wounds. Few of them ever worked out or would tolerate some snot-nosed kid wanting to tag along.

By her mid teens, she was training her mind and her body to the peak of perfection. She believed that a hunter should always be fit and physically prepared for any situation and swore that never again would someone suffer as her mother had suffered. This striving for physical perfection did result in one unforgettable mistake. At 15, her right eye was clawed out in a fight with a vampire. She wears a patch now as a result and is comforted by its reminder to her to never take her body too far past its limits. It was a hard lesson but she’s never forgotten it.

Her determination also applied to her mental development, eventually growing a passionate interest in chemistry and in archaeology, specifically Egyptology. Her obsession with hieroglyphics, alchemy, ancient Egyptian lore and culture brought her to the attention of The Ascending Ones, who invited her to their mysteries fresh out of high school.

Following her introduction to the hunter conspiracy (of which her brother and father were very proud), Fae took up the symbol of the Phoenix as a touchstone of her philosophy and worldview. Purification of all evils and poisons through the all-consuming fires of discipline and training.

When she’s not working towards her master’s degree in Egyptology, she can be found working in her father’s rare bookstore.

She’s very much interested in finding a permanent cell to work with.


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