Dr Albert Prekovsky

Angel of Death



  • “Time to sleep now, little children. Time to rest your tender heads.”
  • (rational) “It’s like this: I am a scientist, a man of medicine, but I am also a child of God. Like you. Like all of us. And I see that God is beckoning for us to come home. Do you see that? Don’t you want to enter his warm embrace once more? It’s the logical thing.”
  • (screaming) “Just fucking die, you little fuck! Quit your mewling.

Virtue: Temperance. All good things come to those who wait. Prek-ovsky’s patient; he knows how to moderate his psychotic urges until the time is right. He’s waited this long, so he can wait a little bit longer.

Vice: Lust. With Prekovsky, it isn’t sexual. Not precisely. It’s about power, and yes, that power gives him an erection-—but that’s just a symbol of his needs, his wants, and how deeply he needs to gratify the murderous urges within.

Description: Prekovsky’s got the look of a heron about him—tall, lanky, more leg than body, a nose like a long beak, tiny eyes hidden behind black glasses. He’s mostly bald except for the pelt of peppery stubble ringing his head. He wears the doctor’s lab coat not because he’s actually a doctor (he isn’t, and never has been), but because he wants to pretend that he is. He wants the children and the other cultists to be comfortable with him as a man of medical authority

Storytelling Hints: Prekovsky’s a sociopath. Always has been, always will be. He’s also very good at covering it up. For years he’s worked the cult compound as the “doctor-in-residence,” taking his medical cues from a cache of university books on the subjects of pharmaceuticals and anatomy. A patient man, he’s been waiting for this day—he always suspected it would come, that one day he’d be the wolf wandering the flock, gladly taking his kills wherever it comforted him most. He played Calvin Earl Potter. He’ll lie to the characters. He’ll do whatever it takes and say whatever he needs to say in order to convince characters that he’s harmless. If he can get one character to turn his back for a minute so he can stab a scalpel or syringe into their back, so be it.

Dr Albert Prekovsky

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