Cesar Contadino

Conrad's Union rep


Cesar Contadino fell into the Vigil after his family was harassed and murdered by his sister’s boyfriend. Joining The Union after he was invited in, Cesar began to focus on protecting his neighborhood and then his city.

Moving his family to Boulder, he attempted to quit hunting, and focus instead on his construction site manager job, his wife and his children. This unfortunately did not last. The thrill of the hunt consumed him. And when the Jon Benet murder made major headlines, he drilled most of his spare time and energy into tracking down her killer.

For almost 7 years he obsessed over the case, stalked potential culprits and compiled a huge case file on the Benet family and any sex offender within a 10 mile radius of the Benet home. His wife, angered by his obsession, eventually divorced him, taking the kids. Cesar, heartbroken, kept at it.

Until one day he managed to find the evidence linking a man he had suspected early on: a shapeshifter or werewolf named Richard Douglas. Forsaking any backup, he drove to the man’s home to confront him with the new evidence only to find a new face battling the werewolf in its monstrous form. That new face was Conrad.

After assisting Conrad in the fight and finally putting down Richard Douglas, Cesar struck up a friendship with Conrad and invited him into the Union. Since then he’s served as Conrad’s stalwart ally and his closest contact.


Cesar Contadino

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