Annie Singleton

Defiant mother-to-be


Virtue: Fortitude. Annie’s a survivor in so many ways. Her life is an expression of this Virtue, and now she’s really ready to embrace that… if she makes it off the farm alive.

Vice: Wrath. The stoked embers of revenge within Annie are new. Her old vice, Sloth, is long gone, burned away by her experiences here at Blackmoon Farm. She isn’t comfortable with the anger that rages inside of her, and if she isn’t careful, it’ll overwhelm her soon.

She was plump, once-—old photos of Annie reveal her chipmunk cheeks and dark, deep-set eyes. But now, except for her near-busting pregnant belly, she’s alarmingly thin. She’s not quite emaciated, but give it another couple weeks. Her eyes are bright, alive and angry. Her hands tremble when she speaks. She stammers sometimes, as if all the emotion caught within her gets tangled up before she can voice it.

Annie was once a terrified little girl. Even as a hunter, she was ultimately a coward; she was more of a thinker and a strategist for the Shadow of Wings. She stayed away from the front lines.

The fear she felt when the majority of her cell was killed in front of her hollowed her out and left her as little more than a tatter. Being a part of Blackmoon Farm was great… at first. But now she’s about to become a mother to an innocent child, and life has taken on a whole new kind of meaning. She’s still scared, but she no longer allows fear to pull her strings.

She’s found a measure of control——and it should be frightening to those who gaze upon her. She’s intense. Everything she says comes out a hiss or a blunt assertion.

Once, she was a meek little mouse. Now, she’s a spitting, seething rat.

“Fine. I’ll help you. But you owe me. You owe me a lot. I want my baby to be safe. I want money, too—and a place to sleep. At least for a while.”

Annie Singleton

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