Blameless In Your Ways

Drag Light Chapel and Some Pyromania

Characters: Sebastian, Flynn, Fae, Shachar, Elijah

Two weeks after the Aegis Kai Doru heist, Noah requests everyone’s presence at the After Ours Clinic. Conrad is unfortunately unreachable but Sebastian, Flynn, Elijah, Shachar and Fae show up. Flynn takes the opportunity to ask Noah if Rachel, the vampire they secured from the demonic hospital about a month back, is still being kept in the After Our morgue. She most definitely is, Noah tells him.

Once everyone is assembled in the hospital conference room, Noah proceeds to tell them that he unfortunately must begin severing contact from the cell, as questions are being raised in hunter circles and among local law enforcement that Noah would rather not have any answers to. His connection to the cell is starting to threaten his clinic’s non-hunter funding and he needs those donors to keep the place running. And any suspicions that he might be involved with a vigilante group that’s been making headlines lately is something he’d just as soon avoid.

He does however have a parting gift for everyone: the safehouse he promised them all when Natalie Eaton was meant to evaluate them. “It’s a site that should be very familiar to you, Elijah. It took me a lot of maneuvering through the real estate market and a couple of cashed-in favors… but I managed to purchase the Drag Light Chapel property from our old Gatekeepers days.” He then hands the keys to Elijah and tells them to abuse the place in good health.

Desert chapel buildingThe cell drives pretty far east out of Boulder, along Independence Road until Elijah finally leads them to a tiny, barely existent road. Down the hidden path and amidst very tall grass, they find what looks like an abandoned concrete house. Only on closer inspection do they see the chapel… sporting flying buttresses, high arches and— despite the graffiti—still proudly displaying its large stained glass window.

Pulling up to the west side of the chapel, everyone piles out and take a hard look at their new home. Elijah unlocks the main door, and after briefly inspecting the main entrance, invites the rest of them in. Inside they find broken pews, dust and dirt and the very old remnants of what might’ve been squatters. Shachar manages to find a secret hiding spot within the chapel’s main altar and Flynn & Fae locate descending stairs and a large enough basement area for storage and/or training. Back on the main floor, Elijah locates one of the two offices he used to stay in during the Gatekeeper days.

Mr. Allison soon pays a visit, bringing Ruby’s head, brining in formaldehyde. Giving the head to Flynn, he then discreetly asks Shachar for a private moment of her time. Away from prying ears, he tells Shachar that while he was in possession of Ruby’s head, he was beset for several nights with nightmares involving a red-haired man and herself. “With fire all around you both” he tells her. “I don’t know what it means, exactly. But it had something major to do with you.” Shachar, sure that it was her brother in Mr. Allison’s dream, seems uncertain as to what this means. But thanks Mr. Allison just the same. He nods and wishes them all good luck in the new digs.

Once everyone has a good lay of the land and has settled in a little, plans are made for cleaning up the place.

After four or five hours of clearing debris and sweeping out garbage, the gang is exhausted. Flynn though insists that Ruby’s sister, Rachel, be recovered from Noah’s morgue and brought to Drag Light, as well as the stash of relics and goods taken from the Aegis Kai Doru heist. Soon they’ve coordinated with Mickey Sheehan to have the heist crates delivered and with Noah to have Rachel brought to the main door.

Flynn manages to get both Elijah and Sebastian to chain and restrain Rachel to the chapel altar before he pulls the wooden stake from out of her heart. Immediately the vampire gasps and tries to jerk up. Flynn climbs on top of her and, with his trench knife from the heist, proceeds to batter her repeatedly about the head, pausing only to ask her where her master is. Rachel, covered in blood, begins to laugh and threaten the whole group. Flynn shrugs and continues hammering her face. When that doesn’t achieve the results he wants, he begins pulling out fingernails. Rachel finally submits and tells them, almost gloating, that their nest is in Denver at the nightclub called The Church. And that none of them will ever leave it alive. Flynn manages to land several more brutal hits before slamming the stake back into Rachel’s chest.

Bloodletting stake1Elijah, unswayed by Rachel’s threats, starts asking the cell for a plan of attack. Flynn and Shachar agree that the best bet is to scope the place out first before storming in. Fae volunteers that she can make a gasoline-kerosene mixture for a low flashpoint, super-fast fuel for burning the place down with. Flynn agrees that Fae’s weapon is their best best, as long as it’s ignited after innocent civilians have been terrified out of the place. The group manages to scavenge just enough gasoline and lamp kerosene for Fae to make a gallon jug’s worth of fuel. Fae retires to the basement to start the mixture and after a couple more hours, emerges with it complete. The gang locks up Drag Light Chapel and heads towards the Denver nightclub to kill all vampires.

They arrive close to 10pm or 11. Flynn decides that he and Fae will go inside while Elijah and Shachar opt to stay in the parking lot. (Continued in ‘The Inferno’)



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