Blameless In Your Ways

The Aegis Kai Doru Heist

Characters: Flynn, Elijah, Conrad

  • Three weeks have passed since the incident at St. Christopher Hospital. Flynn and Elijah have been in discussion during that time, strategizing how better the cell might arm itself against vampires. And, given the past events, against demons. They simply do not have the right equipment to hit back at the supernatural effectively. Thankfully they aren’t alone in the pursuit of this solution.
  • At Mickey’s Gym, Mickey Sheehan and Cesar Contadino are having drinks with a very old friend. An old hunter friend named Nicodemus Hall. As the shots stack up and the beer bottles get killed, Nicodemus begins complaining about his days in Aegis Kai Doru, a hunter compact especially known for its collection of holy and powerful relics. Nicodemus half mutters that he wishes someone would just take some of that shit from Aegis Kai Doru and actually do something with it. Mickey, struck by the idea, calls up Flynn and invites him to have drinks with them. Cesar, seeing where this is going, gives Conrad a call and invites him to same.
  • The lads show up to see Mickey, Cesar and Nicodemus three sheets to the wind. Mickey insists that Nic tell the boys what he told them. Nicodemus then tells the story; that a shipment of relics, meant for Aegis Kai Doru vaults, is be transported from Denver to Ft. Collins two days from today. And that he believes a hunter cell, that would actually use the equipment, would benefit from having—and exploiting—that information.
  • The next day, more than a little hungover, Flynn, Mickey, Elijah and Conrad begin to formulate a plan of attack. Per Nicodemus’s intel, they know that the Aegis Kai Doru will be driving two armored cars up Interstate 25, stopping only for fuel at a designated gas station at I-25 and County Road 44.
  • Conrad figures they can stun and stow away the gas station attendant and that he can pose as the attendant in their stead. That will allow them a lookout and contact (Conrad will update them both via phone texts) so that Elijah and Flynn can subdue and incapacitate the armored car drivers and their likely passengers. They will then drive the two armored cars away from the gas station, recover the cargo and either dump the cars at a distance or stow the cargo in Flynn’s truck.
  • They use the 48 hours before implementation to gather necessary gear: balaclavas, dual use stun guns (range and proximity — two charges apiece), zip ties, rubber gloves, flak jackets…and for the nastiest weapon in their arsenal… water balloons, bleach and ammonia to make concentrated chloramine gas. Cache 2561610304
  • The deadline for readiness soon passes. The three of them, in Flynn’s truck, drive up to the designated gas station. A teenager or male in his early twenties is manning the counter, which is protected by plexiglass and a small exchange slot. Flynn and Conrad enter the store, attempting to look like two separate customers.
  • Conrad asks the attendant if he can help him find the Mountain Dew he’s looking for. The attendant, wearing a name tag with RICHARD sprawled across it in bold letters, doesn’t leave his counter. He merely gestures to the back. Conrad, still insisting that he can’t find it, manages to get Richard out from behind the counter. Before he can blink, Flynn has tased him and they managed to gag and bind him before putting him in a storage closet far in the back. Conrad takes his position behind the counter while Flynn and Elijah leave, driving a half mile away from the site to wait.
  • An hour ticks by and the arrival armored cars is growing imminent. With only 30 minutes to go, Conrad notices a police car pull up into the store parking lot. Nervous, he smiles at the cop as he enters. The officer grabs some potato chips and a soda and then, noticing that Conrad isn’t the usual guy he sees behind the counter, asks Conrad if he’s new. Conrad answers that yes, he only finished training a day ago but they assigned him to take over Richard’s shift today. The cop then asks Conrad if he thinks the town baseball team has a shot at the nationals. Conrad agrees and the cop smiles, thanks Conrad and then leaves with his soda and chips.
  • Conrad sees the cop talking on his radio and grows increasingly nervous the cop knows something. He quickly informs Flynn and Elijah who tell him to just wait and see. Conrad, not wanting to gamble, decides to use his own phone to call in a major four car accident 2 miles north of the gas station’s location. When the operator asks for his information, he hangs up.
  • The cop, predictably, answers a call on his radio, puts his hat on and charges out of the gas station with lights and sirens blaring. Now with the cop hopefully occupied, Conrad sits back, a little more at ease.
  • 20 minutes later, the schedule time rolls up. And with it, two armored cars. Conrad immediately texts Flynn and Elijah and they gun it back towards the station. Flynn slows down just outside of the station parking lot and pulls up slowly and methodically to one of the pumps. Two men have emerged from each armored car, likely the drivers doing the filling. Their passengers also exit the cabs. Flynn wastes no time and tases the closest Aegis Kai Doru against near him. Elijah flanks the other car and fires his range taser darts at the passenger. Conrad quickly moves past Flynn and attempt to take out the secondary car.
  • Eventually they manage to get all four Aegis Kai Doru personnel tased and ziptied. They then cautiously approach and open the cargo area of each car. Inside they briefly manage to see a man shackled by wrist and ankle, with cases of cargo sitting behind him. Conrad quickly throws his chloramine balloons into the cargo area of one car, then does it to the other. Flynn orders them to begin taking off from the gas station location, in case the police officer returns. They agree to rendezvous on a westbound road headed to Berthoud, a town north of Longmont.
    Wwface* Conrad, headed to the rendezvous point, immediately feels his car bounce violently. He stops for just a moment and listens. Without warning, a huge clawed hand tears through the back of the cab, shredding the metal completely. Conrad, scared out of his wits, scrambles to get out. It’s a monstrous beast, a hairy creature with claws almost as long as its hand. He quickly reaches for the stash of chloramine balloons and, with his other arm covering his mouth, lobs several of them into the cab and at the new gaping hole. Eventually the violence stops and Flynn & Elijah park behind him.
  • Convinced that the Aegis Kai Doru are using werewolves to guard their treasure, Conrad insists they take the cases now and leave the trucks behind. Flynn agrees and the three of them carefully manage to get all eight cases of relics out of the armored cars and into Flynn’s flatbed. They take off for Boulder and Mickey’s Gym.
  • Once at Mickey’s Gym, they start opening some of the cases. Elijah notices that each case is marked with an Enochian rune and vocalizes his fear that the cases may be trackable. Conrad decides to empty each case and then loads the cases into Flynn’s truck again. He drives to The Hill outside CU Boulder and dumps each case in front of various fraternity houses, returning once it’s done to help Flynn and Elijah take the eight cases to Elijah’s cabin in the mountains.



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