Blameless In Your Ways

Annie Singleton's Home

The cell is tasked with protecting Annie Singleton

Characters: Shachar, Elijah, Mr. Allison, Ruth, Fae

  • Noah contacts Elijah, Shachar, Ruth, Flynn, Sebastian and Fae. He tells them to meet him at the AfterOurs Clinic one Saturday afternoon as he has important news for them.
  • Once there, he tells them that he’s getting pressure from his board members and from investigative journalists, to the point where he’s concerned with being connected to the group. “It’s time the cell stood up on its own legs” he says. He introduces Natalie Eaton, a cell leader from Ft. Collins who works as a consultant, getting cells to work better in the field.
  • Natalie immediately makes a bit of a rough impression. She’s a coarse, ball-busting sort of hunter and breaks no pause giving the cell shit for ending up in the media over Blackmoon Farm.
    Pregnant woman window 3
  • Conrad gets a call from Annie Singleton. She suspects that she’s been followed the past few nights. And has decided to stay at her parent’s house. But her parents are not there. “Please come by, Conrad. I’m scared they’re watching me from a car across the street and I don’t know who else to trust” she begs him. Conrad makes his way to her.
  • Once there, Conrad notices that there are police cars around the Singleton house, with Annie on the front lawn talking to one of them. Conrad approaches and Annie vouches for him, telling him the full story as the policeman walks away: A strange group of men and a woman have been following her the past few days. When one of them approached her, she ran from her car to the house and immediately called the police. Then she called Conrad.
  • Conrad comforts her and tells her that with the police here, she should be fine. Annie clutches his hand and asks if he will stay with her for the night. Conrad nods quietly.
  • Shachar, in the meeting, grows increasingly resistant and combative with Natalie. She sees no reason why she should be there. She doesn’t know Noah that well. She’s not entirely sure she wants to be a hunter. And she sure as hell has no patience for the boot camp hard-ass that is Natalie Eaton. When Natalie tries to challenge her, Shachar storms off in a rage.
  • Elijah tries to follow her out and get her to return but Shachar is too frustrated and fed up.
  • Noah apologizes when Elijah returns but Elijah figures Shachar will come back to them eventually. Noah then offers up his final piece of business to the group. He would like to donate their first safehouse to them. When asked where and what it is, Noah tells them “It’s not quite ready yet. I’m only now finalizing the purchase and I’m not 100% certain it will go through. But I should have something more solid about it in about two weeks time.”
  • Conrad and Annie are conversing in the Singleton living room when Conrad, looking out the front window, notices the uniformed policemen respond to their radios. They nod as if acknowledging orders, then get in their cars and drive off, leaving the place completely unprotected. Conrad gets a bit nervous and calls his Union rep, Cesar.
  • After a few more questions, Noah’s gathering begins to adjourn. That is until Natalie Eaton gets a call from one of her contacts, someone who has been shadowing one of the cell’s members, Conrad. She tells the group that she has reason to believe that Conrad and the Singleton girl, Annie, might be in extreme danger. If they’re up for it as a team, now would be a perfect mission for her to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses in the field. Everyone (Elijah, Ruth and Fae) but Sebastian and Flynn agrees to this. They all pile into Natalie’s SUV and race to the Singleton home.
  • The cell makes it there in record time, still with no sign of the cops. The air ripe with impending disaster, Conrad fills them all in, telling them that he believes they mean to capture or kill Annie, though he has no idea who or what ‘they’ are.
  • Suddenly, Conrad, Elijah, Natalie and Ruth notice that three cars are pulling up to the Singleton home. Six men in suits get out and approach the house. Elijah, for whatever reason, is aggressively suspicious and opens fire on them before they can enter. The six men immediately take cover and either spread out or return fire.
  • Conrad takes Annie down into the house’s basement for safety. Elijah manages to shot one of the men down. Ruth, concerned with the house’s back door, monitors it and the backyard. Natalie enlists Fae’s help looking for other weapons in the house. With little in the kitchen except knives, Fae suggests haphazard Molotov cocktails of high proof liquor. Conrad joins Elijah in keeping the front door covered.
  • Dusk begins to fall upon the house. Another car parks in front and two other men emerge. Elijah barely hears the new arrivals discussing with the men shooting in the front yard. The two new men then begin to creep around the back.
  • Fae and Natalie begin cobbling together Molotov cocktails in the basement, keeping an eye on Annie. Someone begins pounding on the outside basement door, trying to get in. Conrad leaves Elijah to it and seeks out Annie in the basement to make sure she’s safe.
  • Elijah shoots another man down after taking a few shots to his thigh and his shoulder.
  • Ruth notices a familiar face trying to creep in through the backyard: Matthew Borgia. She fires at him to scare him off but notices that he simply runs to the side of the house again.
  • Elijah takes down another gunman who snuck in through the kitchen.
  • Matthew tries to break in through the basement and manages to bust the outside basement door open. “Give me the woman and the child within her!” he yells “or we will drink from your broken bodies before the night is done!” Conrad lobs a Molotov cocktail which does set one of the men on fire. Matthew is seen fleeing from the fire and the basement.
  • Car explosionWith most of his men taken out, Matthew beats a hasty retreat, scurrying past the backyard to his car. Elijah catches up with him and after several shots which blow out the car’s tires, manages to nail one in the car’s gas tank, setting the vehicle ablaze. Matthew, trapped inside, screams angrily as the car explodes, killing him.
  • Ruth, knowing full well that all these gunshots and explosions will bring the real cops down on them, gathers everyone up (Annie included) and gets them into Natalie’s SUV.
  • Fleeing from Boulder, they are offered temporary sanctuary by Natalie at her safehouse in Ft. Collins. Annie, terrified beyond belief, clings to Conrad. Conrad, determined to know WHY Matthew was after her child, asks her what is so special about her pregnancy. Still shocked and barely lucid from the attack on her home, mumbles “Angels” before clutching Conrad and breaking into sobs.



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