Blameless In Your Ways

BlackMoon Aftermath/ Sewer Billy

In which our hunters encounter their first Reanimated

Characters: Sebastian, Flynn, Shachar, Elijah, Fae

  • In the aftermath of Blackmoon Farm, the hunters stagger out of the main house, holding Calvin Potter prisoner.
  • They witness the arrival of several police squad cars. Police officers, with their weapons trained on the hunters, force everyone down on the ground and after everyone’s identity is accessed, proceed to question John Singleton, Annie Singleton, the hunters and even Calvin Potter.
  • Each hunter is questioned by Detective Franklin Kim. Unfortunately their stories are extremely full of holes when it comes to their identities or their residences (Elijah gives the detective his alias ‘Ezra Williams’ and tells him that he lives at Flynn’s. When Det. Kim asks Flynn about living with ‘Mr. Ezra Williams’, Flynn responds with ‘who?’
  • After an hour or more of questions, they are told that their weapons are being seized as possible evidence associated to the cult tragedy but that they are free to leave.
  • They all return home.
  • The following day, those in the Boulder area experience issues with their plumbing. Toilets overflowing with brown muck, sinks spraying water, etc. Mickey asks Flynn to make a trip to McGuckin’s to buy a plumber’s snake while Shachar makes a trip into town for plumbing tools as well. She gets a call from Elijah, who wants to have lunch with her and talk with her about Blackmoon Farm.
  • Flynn drives over to McGuckin’s and before entering, sees three people beating the hell out of a dirty, homeless man. He confronts the three thugs and after breaking the jaws of two of them, is stabbed by the third before they all flee. When he turns to check on the homeless guy, he finds that the man has disappeared.
  • Sebastian gets a call from Jaime Webb, who reports to him that someone from Ashwood Abbey has been killed investigating the city sewers for a purported ‘mud monster’. He asks that Sebastian check it out.
  • Fae, while doing some reading at the Boulder Library and driving to get some coffee, sees police cars outside the Arapahoe bridge over Boulder Creek. She lurks around, waiting to see if they leave the crime scene.
  • Shachar and Elijah arrive at McGuckin’s and encounter Flynn bleeding. Shachar tries to staunch the bleeding as best she can. When Flynn explains the story, Elijah searches the area and manages to find a small trail of muddy handprints just outside the sewer drain.
  • Sebastian calls Flynn, asking for assistance in checking out the death of the Ashwood Abbey member. Putting it all together, Flynn is convinced that the water problems, the hunter death and the homeless guy are absolutely tied and starts to round everyone up to check out the city sewer tunnels.
  • They gather up lights and simple weapons and, with Fae as their scout notifying them when the police finally leave the crime scene, gather together just outside a major storm drain. The group then enters. Fae downs a Hunting Sight of the Asp elixir, in the hopes she’ll be able to locate and see their target quickly.
  • Walbrook webFollowing the tunnels, the group finds a skeletal-thin man peering through a storm drain at the movie theater box office across the street. When he hears him, he immediately flees. They give pursuit and finally corner him at a service ladder. The man screams at them to just leave him alone. But the group wants to know if he killed someone recently. “He was trying to kill me first” the man replies. When asked, he tells them his name is Billy and that he just wants to be left alone. When they ask him if he’s responsible for affecting the water supply, he acknowledges that he is but admits that he can’t control. “I woke up this way one day. That’s all I know” he tells them. The group empathis willing to offer him help, if he needs it.
  • Elijah, for some unknown reason, finds his minimal disgust with the man to be too much and angrily draws his pistol. The homeless man attacks the group with tendrils of slime, sewage and mud. Shachar and Sebastian try to interfere with Elijah and Flynn offers Billy a way out of the sewers, to somewhere safe. Fae then intervenes, calmly telling Billy that they will not kill him, as long as he doesn’t hurt anyone else.
  • Billy finally acquiesces to Fae’s offer. Fae and Shachar then lead the creature out of the sewers and into Shachar’s truck. Elijah and Flynn leave together and Sebastian returns to wash himself thoroughly of the filth from this adventure. Fae and Shachar escort him to a place where he might find peace and calm, on Shachar’s large acreage farm.



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