Blameless In Your Ways

Blackmoon Farm

Characters: Sebastian, Flynn, Shachar, Elijah, Fae, Conrad, Ruth, Jericho

  • Noah organizes Ruth, Flynn, Elijah and Shachar to check out Blackmoon Farm.
  • Conrad is called directly by Annie’s father, John Singleton, in hopes Conrad will check the place out. John agrees to pick up Conrad at the Boulder Homeless Shelter and take him to Blackmoon.
  • Jericho is staying at the shelter and when Conrad arrives, loaded with gear, Jericho asks if he can join Conrad.
  • Once everyone arrives at the farm, John briefs the group on the situation.
  • The group splits up outside the farm, with Conrad and Jericho (2nd group) scouting the perimeter and then entering through the back of the farm.
    Farmmap* The 1st group enters Blackmoon and immediately encounter Desi Wright, who is shot off her bike by Calvin Potter. Ruth tends to Desi (a truck quickly arrives for Desi with Noah in tow) and then joins the others. Calvin continually takes potshots until the group finds shelter. Elijah shouts at Calvin from afar, challenging him. A young boy runs into the Red Barn and the group follows.
  • The 1st group enters the Red Barn and encounter Marsha Keswick. She tries to convince them to go to the Hen House to pick up medical supplies (Elijah doesn’t trust her and draws his gun on her) then leads them to the Silo.
  • They are briefly locked in the Silo (it’s Marsha!) until they find a way out and enter the Stables. Blood-stained graffiti covers the stables “I HEAR WASHINGTON’S WHISPERS” or “GOD WANTS US TO COME HOME”. There they find Theodora Brown and Annie Singleton, caring for the wounded. Annie fills them in on what’s happened with Calvin, the cult, the maze in the basement of the Colonial House, the whole story.
  • The 1st Group then goes looking for Marsha at the Hen House. When they arrive, they encounter Conrad and Jericho in a confrontation with Marsha Keswick and Dr. Prekovsky. Elijah shoots the Doctor’s hand and Jericho tackles Marsha. Flynn then knocks out the Doctor cold and carries the doctor with him as a human shield, in case Calvin shoots at them. Shachar rushes back to the Stables and intimidates Annie into coming with them.
  • The entire group now enters the Colonial House. More graffiti on the house: I HEAR THE WHISPERED TRUTH or THE SOUL SPARK IS IN THE HEAD. The groups is besieged by visions, heavenly visions. Jericho especially falls to his knees and begins praising the Lord. Jones town 300x201
  • They find Calvin barricaded in his room on the 2nd floor. Elijah continues to taunt and argue with Calvin. Calvin then feigns his own suicide and when Flynn and Elijah bust through his room, they discover that he’s fled out the window and is actually do a flanking maneuver, running back into the house through the front door and down into the basement.
  • Annie then takes the group through the stone maze where they confront Calvin. Calvin is clutching the head of James Washington and activates some kind of thunderclap they can hear from outside. Elijah attempts to kill Calvin by shooting him but the bullets are soon ejected by Calvin’s body. Flynn hammers the shit out of Calvin, causing him to drop the head. Elijah takes it to engulf it with hellfire and is beset with intense heavenly visions, secrets of redemption, intimate promises to remove the taint of the devil and the Red Lady from his life. He begins to weep.
  • Shachar plunges her dagger into the head and it immediately starts to melt/rot. With the head soon destroyed, Calvin is a broken man, decrying that they don’t know what they’ve done.
  • With Annie’s help, they soon exit the basement maze and discover that the thunderclap rose up an army of the dead, the now collapsed bodies of which are scattered all in front of the house.
  • At this point, the police arrive (two squad cars)



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