Blameless In Your Ways

Wherein Introductions Are Made

Characters: Flynn, Elijah, Ruth, Mr. Allison

Noah Sutton, tasked with searching out some kind of help for Ruth, rings up a few contacts. He first tries to get in touch with Conrad, which fails. He then calls Mickey Sheehan and manages to talk with the old scrapper. Mickey vouches for a man named Flynn, who has a particularly virulent hatred of vampires, a solid reputation as a bodyguard and “all the physical brutality of a speeding semi”. Flynn was also patched up by AfterOurs several months ago and owes the clinic a bit of a favor. Noah negotiates a price with Mickey and soon has Flynn scheduled to meet Ruth at 1 a.m. that evening. Flynn at first couldn’t care less when Mickey brings it to him. Until he hears that a vampire is involved.

Noah then cashes in a rare voucher from a friend. “Call this number and ask for Mr. Allison. He’s a powerhouse hunter, if a little twitchy and a little discursive. But he’s the man to call if you need a solid power hitter in a pinch.” Noah calls and offers Mr. Allison a substantial fee if he’s able to join Flynn at the restaurant at 1 a.m.

Mr. Allison barely hesitates with a yes.

Noah, on a whim, decides to try one last contact. A friend he hasn’t seen in 12 years. He leaves a voicemail on a particular answering machine, hoping it’ll arrive to the man he knows as Ezra. An hour later, Elijah gets a call from his old friend and business associate, Ignacio. Would he be interested in a minor job for an old cell compatriot? Elijah ponders it for several minutes before requesting that all interaction with Noah (the details of the location, any other hunters expected there) be handled by Ignacio, who will then pass it on to Elijah. Ignacio couriers the necessary details and a pre-paid bus ticket for Elijah to arrive at Market Street Station.

Ruth receives a call Noah that same afternoon. He tells her he’s managed to gather a backup unit and that she should be expect two gentlemen to meet her outside Osterio Marco at 1 a.m….“a large bruiser type and a twitchy nebbish type. Both of whom come highly recommended”. Ruth is very satisfied with the news and grateful to Noah for the assist.

The afternoon passes into late evening. An hour before the agreed upon meetup, Mr. Allison arrives. Soon after, Flynn and Elijah, who encounter each over (Elijah asks Flynn for a cigarette. Despite the one hanging on his ear, Flynn tells him point-blank and rather dickishly “I don’t smoke”). Ruth, hoping Mr. Allison and Flynn are her two escorts, introduces herself and begins a conversation with the two men. She tells them, as gently as possible, that her main goal tonight is to collect a blood sample from a particular vampire. Her hope is that the three men can help her if things take a drastic turn for the worse. Flynn is fine with this as long as he’s given half a chance to “fuck the bloodsucker up”. Ruth has no qualms with that.

AlleyAs they have an hour until the schedule meetup, they decide to sit down at a Brazilian restaurant next door and strategize. Flynn asks Mr. Allison and Elijah what experience they have, both of whom make it clear they’ve been at this a long time (Elijah by merely suggesting it, Mr. Allison by field-stripping his Glock in the middle of the restaurant, which garners a lot of attention from the restaurant patrons). They decide to ambush Matthew before he enters Osterio Marco. Exiting the restaurant and with the appointment very close, the group moves into pre-decided positions in the parking lot & alley behind the restaurant.

At two minute to 2am, Matthew’s BMW arrives. Matthew emerges from the car with two vampires in tow, Blake and Jeremiah. Unaware of the other hunters lying in wait, he questions Ruth as to why she wanted to talk. “Is it about what I did to your sister?” he asks, smiling. Ruth’s pose as her sister is blown. When Ruth begins walking away from Matthew, wary of his aggression, Matthew seizes her arm and attempts to drag her into his car. “C’mon now.. I thought you wanted to talk. Let’s go find some place more hospitable for a chat.”

The other Hunters spring into action. Elijah kicks it all off by firing his revolver at Jeremiah, who manages to get several clawed swipes in before falling down. Flynn begins beating on Matthew as Mr. Allison fires on Blake.

VampattackRuth, after Mr. Allison shoots at Matthew, manages to get away from the vampire’s clutches and scrambles towards her car. Blake wastes no time in pursuing her into the parking lot. Matthew slices Flynn up a little bit before turning his attention to Mr. Allison. Flynn, a little frustrated that his fists aren’t having any desired effect, continues to hammer Matthew with blows as the vampire stalks his new target.

Elijah opens up his pistol into Jeremiah, which brings him down temporarily… long enough for Elijah to draw his double-edge boot knife and begin sawing at the bloodsucker’s throat. “You’re a feisty one” he murmurs. Mr Allison fires several rounds at Matthew before rushing into the restaurant side door, looking for a cutting instrument. He finds a rather large butcher knife and throws it to Flynn to attack Matthew with.

But Flynn soon has other plans.

Ruth, with Blake hot on her heels, manages to get into her car’s glovebox and grab her .38 special. Flynn, hearing her yells for help, rushes to her but not before catching the knife thrown by Mr Allison. Elijah manages to separate Jeremiah’s head from his neck, blood covering him, before he turns and sees a yuppie couple staring at him in horror. He smiles and presents his prize to them. “Do you have a cigarette?” he asks them nonchalantly.

Almost immediately Elijah hears sirens. “COPS!” he screams at the top of his lungs and suddenly the conflict has changed. Matthew and Blake, their faces covered in blood but no wounds, ease out of the alley, with Matthew promising Flynn “Better luck next time, little snack”. Ruth manages to collect her needed blood sample from the trunk of a car before hurrying behind the wheel of her own. Elijah sheathes his boot knife and jumps into her car as Ruth turns the engine over. Flynn gets into the passenger side. Cop lights

Mr Allison sneaks back into the restaurant kitchen, demands a kitchen uniform from a worker by gunpoint, grabs a towel to wrap his gun in and then quickly changes, exiting out the front. He manages to escape the cops and dispose of his gun in a dumpster a few blocks away. Once clear of the area, he calls a cab and has it drive him to another bus station.

The adrenalin fading from them now and the pain of their wounds starting to sink in, Ruth, Flynn and Elijah manage to drive out of the alerted area and head back to the AfterOurs clinic. Mr Allison is following in kind, though an hour late due to the bus.

Eventually they all make it back. Ruth manages to sneak them in the back door without notice and starts tending to everyone’s wounds. Satisfied she got what she needed and seeing no reason to continue niceties, she retires for the night. Elijah finds Noah in his office, who is surprised to see his old hunter friend in the flesh. Noah asks if Elijah is back in the field. Elijah evades the question and instead asks for a cigarette. Noah promises him a cigarette in exchange for a promise not to smoke in the clinic and for an honest answer to the question. Elijah concedes that he might be interested in getting back in the game. Cigarette and lighter in hand, he leaves Noah to his paperwork and asks him to call the next time another hunt lines up. And then lights up right in the hall.

Mr Allison runs into Ruth as she’s leaving the clinic. He is glad to see that she’s safe but asks where he can find Noah Sutton. She directs him to Noah’s office.

Mr Allison finds Noah still working on administrative paperwork. He enters the office and rudely asks for his money. Noah then hands him a manilla envelope with the agreed upon amount inside, telling him that his reputation is well earned. Satisfied, Mr Allison exits, telling Noah that he’s available for the same price anytime Noah wants.

Flynn encounters Elijah in the clinic lobby. Unfamiliar with vampires and certain that Elijah knew what he was doing tonight, he asks Elijah how he knew to behead one so quickly. “Been at it a long time, son” Elijah tells him, blowing smoke in the bruiser’s face. Flynn smiles. “How about I buy you breakfast some time, old man.” And the two leave the clinic as the dimmest of daylight breaks through the sky.

Cue Dick Dale’s Tidal Wave.


Great write-up!

Wherein Introductions Are Made

bows Thank you, sir.

Wherein Introductions Are Made

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